Items for Prayer and Praise
By Lois J. Stucky

            Both Brother W.C. Moore and Sister Sarah Foulkes Moore, founders under God of Herald of His Coming, were strong proponents of fasting.  They read of the remarkable results of it in the Bible and were eager to fulfill and promote everything they could to advance world evangelization and world revival.  Individually and unitedly with others, they regularly practiced fasting.

            Brother Moore often thanked God for his “robust” health, but Sister Moore was not so strong in the last years of her life.  Brother Moore wisely counseled her, along with other Herald staff members who had lesser strength because of age or health, with 2 Corinthians 8:12:  “If there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not.”  God is no hard taskmaster.  He understands the limits to which one can and should go.  He does not expect us to go to such limits as to do harm to ourselves.  Fasting can turn into starvation, Brother Moore cautioned, if carried too far.  But cases of overdoing are barely mentionable in comparison to failure to do what is well within our ability.

            You may be a Herald reader who, because of health or circumstances, is unable to fast as articles in this issue challenge us to do.  Such are encouraged to participate on a limited scale, perhaps fasting desserts or meats or some favorite beverage or food.  (This is a way to break addictions.)  There are fastings also from favorite pastimes or unnecessary activities or even from friendly conversation in order to give extra time to prayer.

            Fasters must be prepared for efforts of others to discourage from fasting.  Fasters may encounter opposition from ones sincerely interested in their well-being, who feel fasting will do them bodily harm.  Some who object are ones unwilling to deny themselves with fasting and who make their objections as an excuse for their failure to do so.

            One must respond to objections in the Spirit of Christ, with gentle, humble spirit, quietly pursuing what he understands is obedience to God as far as he is concerned.  “Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind” is Paul’s gracious and non-dogmatic response to ones who differ in opinion pertaining to such things of God (Romans 14:5).  God wants a glad, willing sacrifice and not a forced or reluctant one. “Every one of us shall give account of himself to God” (Romans 14:12).  Let us pray one for the other that we will sincerely endeavor to give the best account possible, in regard to fasting as well as all else.

            Sometimes God definitely impresses us to fast, and if we obey, He will see us through even if we do not see how we can do it, with our busy schedule or little strength.  The glory goes wholly to the Lord for His enabling in a time like that.  Sometimes we may fast because some very urgent matter comes up and we lose thought of eating.  More often our fasting will be in pursuit of spiritual growth or advancement of the Kingdom of God, and we feel the need of utilizing every means of grace God has provided for us.

            As you fast and pray, do so with definite objectives in view.  In times of fasting and prayer, please remember Herald of His Coming.  Fasting and prayer backing God’s Word make it the hammer that breaks the rock in pieces and the fire that burns.  Christian brothers and sisters, can we realize how privileged we are to have a part in giving out the blessed, blessed eternal truths of God’s Word!  Let us seek to do all we can to proclaim it in mighty soul-saving, soul-sanctifying power.  We have only a short time for our labors.  We have all of eternity to rejoice in the results.