June 1994 Issue

1/Forever Triumphant
--By F. J. Huegel
2/Who Will Stop Us From Sinning
--By Elmer G. Klassen
4/Death Knell For The Old Man Of Sin
--By E. C. Bragg
5/In Time Of Trouble, Where Do We Put Our Trust - Psychology Or Christ
--By Rev. Paul R. Martin
6/I Smoked 292,000 Cigarettes - Then Deliverance Came
--By Bob Hensler
7/Freedom From Stubborn Habits
--By Rev. Erwin Lutzer
7/Freedom For An X-Rated Mind
--By Joe Sandy Howard, from The Victory News
8/Items For Prayer And Praise
--By Lois J. Stucky
8/The Evil Of A Bad Disposition
--By A. W. Tozer
8/Let The Holy Spirit Do It
--By A.B. Simpson
9/The Greatest Need Of The Hour
--By William F. Beirnes, from The Midnight Cry
9/God Prepares For Revival --- A lesson from First Samuel, Chapter One
--By Rev. D. Colin Jones, from The Herald of Hope, Australia
10/Herald International - Advancing For Christ In Ethiopia
11/News And Prayer Briefs
11/Donít Talk Of Convenience! Souls Are Dying!
12/The Fellowship Page Out Of Box 886