December 1994 Issue

1/Jesus-The Wonderful One
--By A.B. Simpson
1/Jesus, Our Model
--By Adolph Saphir
2/What Are We Waiting For?
--By Elmer G. Klassen
--By B. M'Call Barbour
5/In Christ Is All We Need
--By J. Hudson Taylor
6/He Dared To Die. Do We?
--By F.B. Meyer
6/Christ Our Life
--By T. Austin-Sparks
6/Fellowship With Christ
--By Mrs. Jessie Penn-Lewis
7/Christ's Victory Is Ours
--By S.D. Gordon
8/Items For Prayer And Praise
--By Lois J. Stucky
8/The Model Prayer
    (With Christ In The School Of Prayer)
--By Andrew Murray
9/Praying For Revival
--By Peter Tay Eng Hoe
9/Revival Is Unmistakable
--By B. Carradine
9/The Discipline Of Fasting
--By S.W. McGarvey, Sr.
10/Herald Int'l.-10/40 Window Prayer Campaign Prompts Results
11/News And Prayer Briefs
12/The Fellowship Page-Out Of Box 886