Items for Prayer and Praise
  By Lois J. Stucky

This Thanksgiving season is a good time to let you supporters know how thankful we are for the part you take with us to continue, under God, the Herald of His Coming ministry. Please read the testimonies on page 12, a tiny sampling of what we read in letters here day after day. It is your prayers and ours mingled together which bring the blessed breath from Heaven into the messages so they convict, exhort, instruct, comfort, etc. Few of us can make much of an impact by ourselves. But joining hand and heart with many others, we can together reach far and near with the printed Word and reach up to God in prayer—and who knows what great and mighty things He will show us! (Jer. 33:3)

Each day’s opportunities are precious, and could be more significant than we dream. Today, for example, there was a first-time letter from a Swedish brother planning to minister in Albania, and feeling the need of receiving the Herald of His Coming as a regular bolster for his own spiritual life. A family of six in Mauritius ask to be added to the mailing list. Their island home in the Indian Ocean has a majority Hindu and Moslem population and there is a dearth of Christian literature. A church starting up in Australia asks for copies of the Herald to share as encouragement and added enlightenment to new contacts. A university student from Papua New Guinea asks to begin receiving the paper. He might be fresh out of the jungle or a remote village, and needs a spiritual anchor in city life.

America’s Desperate Need

In our zealous desire to reach out to places where the need for Christian literature is so great, we dare not neglect prayer and effort for our own America. As jolting as an earthquake came a letter from a brother in Africa. He writes:

“I am a regular reader of Herald of His Coming. … There was a time when I thought nothing good could come out of the USA. That’s when I met Herald of His Coming and I changed my mind.

“I personally regard the USA today as the most evil country in all the world considering the amount of evil that comes from there, for example, those blue Hollywood movies, gays marrying gays, gays becoming preachers, Satanist churches, etc., etc. There’s more evil coming out of the USA today than good. Herald of His Coming is one of the good spiritual things from the USA nevertheless. The Jehovah’s Witnesses, Armstrongism, and other sects started from the USA and have done great damage to the whole world spiritually.

“The Church in the USA, made up of born-again Christians, is very weak. I know why. There’s too much of the material there. Therefore very few American Christians can pray and fast. Because they do not pray enough, no burden for souls. There’s nothing wrong with riches—but when you do not share it then it will become a snare to you. I live near the famous Victoria Falls and many tourists come here from the USA. One thing easily observed in people from there is their immoral dressing and smoking, even women, a thing unheard here even among non-believers.

“All I want is for you to see America the way some of us outside Christians see it. I do not mean to hurt you but to show you that there’s also much work to be done inside USA before you even come to Africa. … I pray for you. …”

What a call to us Christians to do our utmost to turn America back to God and to flood out the Gospel to counteract the evil that has gone from our shores around the world. To our knees in repentance! And might God help us to pray as never before for this land. R. A. Torrey’s articles in this issue exhort to earnest prayer in the Spirit. Please read and reread if necessary these articles until your heart accepts the challenge to plunge in anew in stronger and more effective prayer than ever before.

We Christians alone have the key to the staggering needs of today! The responsibility to reach God on behalf of these awful needs is on us. God help us! He is so ready and willing to do even above what we ask or think if we meet His conditions. Pray for us at Herald of His Coming, that we will be faithful to God in serving and in praying. And we pray likewise for you, dear friends. We all need a prayer burden commensurate with the need.

We are aware that some of you pray and send your support out of a heart that is heavy with personal and family burdens, or with trying circumstances. Yet you look beyond and reach out to help. The Apostle Paul was thankful for Timothy, for he had no other man “likeminded” who would care about the Philippians, “for all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ’s” (Phil 2:20). God bless you dear friends who make room in your heart for the things which are Jesus Christ’s though your heart is crowded with your own concerns. God grant us all His enabling to pray through to the victory we long to see for needs at hand and also for needs afar!

Praise God!

·         For all who contribute through gifts, prayers, distribution, etc., to the furtherance of Herald of His Coming ministry, and for the faithful staff laboring here with zeal and joy.

Please Pray!

·         That many Jewish people will he saved in this hour. Pray for a wider ministry for Hear, O Israel Jewish Salvation herald.

·         That God will use this issue of Herald of His Coining to stir up new volumes of effective prayer for revival worldwide!

·         For those in authority in our land, that there will be an honoring of God and His Word as they discharge their duties.

·         That God will stir more Herald readers to take part with their offerings, that we might send the messages more generously.

·         For those of the staff making decisions about how much literature to send in response to large requests. There are many open doors into prisons. As the government does not provide funds for purchase of religious material, and some chaplains are concerned to give spiritual help to every inmate within their reach, important decisions must be made as to how we can help.

  “Ah Lord God! … there is nothing too hard for Thee” (Jer. 32:17).