Calling For More Prayer

Here are some methods for mobilizing the prayer forces of the nation and helping to bring mighty revivals to America and other lands:

1. Through prayer meetings in the churches. One minister at the close of the regular prayer meetings asks all who wish to do so to stay to pray only for revival. The pastor says that forty to fifty stay each week to intercede for real revival.

If hundreds and thousands of churches throughout our land would adopt such a plan, the churches themselves would be wondrously quickened, and it would be a tremendous forward step in helping to bring another spiritual awakening to our country.

2. Cottage prayer meetings in homes. Such prayer meetings have always been a tremendous factor in bringing revival. A woman who recently started such a prayer group for revival said: “What a blessed time we had! Tears flowed. Cries went up to our Heavenly Father to save the souls of the lost and to revive the children of God.”

If you do not know of a cottage prayer meeting which you may attend, you yourself form such a prayer group if possible, getting others to unite in intercession with you for revival.

3. Another factor in bringing revival is individual and united prayer in the home. In one home the husband and wife are deeply concerned for revival and for the future of our nation. They make it a rule to have united prayer for revival each day, and on Sunday endeavor to an hour of earnest intercession. They pray not only for revival in America, but for world revival.

4. Individual intercessors can have a real and vital share in bringing revival to our country and throughout the world. There are great numbers of praying people who may not be able to attend a revival prayer meeting at a church or even to go to a cottage prayer meeting. But they can focus personal prayer time for revival in the Church and for all in authority.

Let us arouse ourselves before it is too late! Let us not sit idly by or go serenely along on our daily round of duties, and never lift a finger or raise a cry to God on behalf of souls on the brink of an awful precipice. God forbid that we should fail to “stand in the gap” by earnest intercessory prayer for worldwide revival.