Items for Prayer and Praise
  By Lois J. Stucky

  The key to overcoming in life is faith, faith in our almighty God. (See 1 John 5:4). How blessed that we can fully trust the God we serve—the true God, the omnipotent God, the faithful God!

Yet, sometimes there is within even a Christian, areas of unrecognized unbelief. A good prayer for ourselves might be as the prayer of the father with the afflicted child—“Help Thou my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24). Brother Moore expressed the thought that a better prayer might have been, “Cast out my unbelief!” If God reveals anything in us that is unbelief along any line, might we be quick to repent and to get His deliverance.

While some Christians are weak in faith, others tend toward presumption. rushing ahead recklessly, acting rashly, overstepping proper bounds. David prayed, “Keep back Thy servant from presumptuous sins” (Psa. 19:13).

Dick Eastman tells an impressive story of a team of Christian brothers made up of Fiji Islanders and Solomon Islanders, who were uniting to give the Gospel to the island of Malaita. They covered the coastal areas with the Gospel without much difficulty. Then they turned their attention to the interior of the island. Some of the workers were very hesitant to enter that area. The inhabitants were withdrawn and were hostile to outsiders, due to unfortunate happenings with persons who had attempted entry years before. After due time of thought and discussion, the reluctant Christian workers agreed to go into the interior with the Gospel if the group would first unitedly fast and pray for a week. Entry was delayed while the group gave themselves to fasting and prayer. Blessed results followed when they entered after a week. About 200 souls were saved within 72 hours! The inhabitants told the workers that missionaries would be welcome to return any time.

Fasting and prayer and faith bound evil powers and brought down strongholds of opposition, and sent the laborers to a successful, God-blessed harvest!

“Love Puts Faith On The Battlefield”

In these last hours with our Lord so soon to return, we need to see such results repeated again and again. Some of us need to have more faith as we pray for those closest to us, right in our families. Might the article on pages 6 and 7 be an impetus to faith for those who are praying for family members.

Some of us need to stir ourselves up to pray with more faith for the unreached of the world. To be sure, it is overwhelming to think of the millions in the Buddhist and Hindu and Muslim worlds to be reached with the Gospel. Unquestionably this is a humanly impossible task. But it is the omnipotent God who has told us to go into all the world with the Gospel, and with Him, all things are possible. It is up to us Christians to each do his or her part.

In revival God does amazing things, things on a scale far beyond the human. Do we have faith for revival? It can be strengthened by reading of past revivals, and by standing on revival promises in God’s Word. To encourage faith and prayer for revival is a main thrust of Herald of His Coming ministry. Brother and Sister Moore, founders of Herald of His Coming, both now with the Lord, had faith for revival and gave themselves without reservation to do their part to bring it. Do not fail to read their exhortations on page 9. Let us feed our faith on the Word of God, and good articles and books to help it to grow.

The greatest cause, perhaps the only cause, for optimism in this hour—is faith in God. We have perhaps all heard it said, “The future is as bright as the promises of God.” It is true—if we will not let the promises lie idle, but will take hold of them by faith and enable God to bring them to pass. Let’s do our best to put God to work! What great and mighty things He can do and wants to do and will do! (Jer. 33:3).

Your Support Appreciated

Many of you have taken part with us through your gifts and prayers and distributions, helping spread the message of Salvation and of Christ’s coming far and wide. How grateful we are! And how grateful are those who have benefited richly through your support.

Be encouraged with us that decision slips from RIGHT CHOICE, Salvation herald, telling of receiving Christ as Lord and Saviour, come from various places in Africa, and recent ones have arrived also from Latvia, Cambodia, the Philippines, Czechoslovakia and from a Muslim in Trinidad who turned to Christ!

Your gifts enable us to send to distributors who wonderfully extend the outreach of the ministry. Recent letters tell of a ministry in New Mexico which shares Herald copies in their local city/county jail and also gives to Native American pastors for use in their work on reservations; of a sister in Ethiopia who is developing a library for use of some 2000 youth and places Herald papers among the literature offered; of a brother in Kenya who translates some messages from the Herald into the Swahili language of East Africa and uses them over a weekly Swahili radio programme on Trans World Radio for east and central Africa; of a brother in Florida who has started a night Bible School, who shares the papers with their few students, most of whom are Spanish ex-addicts.

  Turn to page 12 for more reports on blessings God is pleased to bestow through our united effort. Let us together thank God and be encouraged to continue faithfully doing our part.

Praise God!

Please Pray!