Increasing Prayer, Increasing Results
  By G. W. S. from I Cried, He Answered.

A layman friend began a meeting in a country schoolhouse in haying time. The only Christians in the community were two young women. He asked these young women if they would pray fifteen minutes daily for the saving of souls in that community. They covenanted together. Meetings continued, but no power was manifested.

He called the girls to him and said, “Girls, we will have to pray more.” They increased the time to thirty minutes daily. Still no apparent results in the meeting. Finally they agreed to pray forty-five minutes daily for the meeting. Still power was at low ebb. They increased time in prayer to one hour daily.

At this time I happened along and was invited to help in the meeting. The power of God fell on the whole community. The interest spread and spread. In that community forty-five heads of families were saved besides hosts of young people, and the work widened out, reaching the surrounding country and the city some miles distant, while still continuing to touch other farming communities in the county.

After twenty years had passed, it was recognized to be the greatest work of grace in the county, and the beginning was attributed to the prayer of the two young women and the one layman who started the meeting.