Items for Prayer and Praise
  By Lois J. Stucky

How can our hearts help but sing when we read and think of being tilled with the Holy Spirit! So marvelous is the privilege of having these humble temples of clay filled with divine life! It is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who make their abode with us (John 14:16,23). What unspeakably blessed fellowship! Surely we ought to mount up with wings as eagles, and yet how many times are God’s people found groveling on the ground?

The abounding love, joy and peace which the Holy Spirit supplies are priceless to the one in whose heart they are shed abroad. The long-suffering, gentleness and goodness which come from His abiding presence, make the Christian easier and more helpful to others to live and work with. The faith or faithfulness, the meekness and the self-control coming from the Holy Spirit help us to do our part well in carrying forward the work of God in His way.

As wonderful as are the personal benefits of being filled with the Holy Spirit, it is God’s gain that is more important. Only as we are filled with the Holy Spirit do we glorify Him as we ought and become effective in advancing His Kingdom. As we pray one for the other, let us pray that we might all be filled with the Holy Spirit all the time. We surely want that prayer for us as we labor together at Herald of His Coming office and mail room.

Brother Moore used to caution us about “leaking out” and needing to repent and be brought back again to the measure of fullness. Might fullness be the desire and goal of our hearts, that we might please our Lord and do the work on earth that He has given us to do in the way He wants it done.

From Faithful Friends

We thank God for the holy boldness and the faithfulness of friends who give us the privilege of sharing in their witness for the Lord. This week there was a letter from a brother in England who has been receiving and distributing a package of Herald of His Coming papers each month for around 15 years. He wrote: “I have been pleased and grateful to receive and redistribute copies of the Herald to fellow ministers for many years. I have now reached the age of 91 years and feel it is time for a younger person to take on the work. Will you now please address further copies to. …” That’s enduring to the end!

There was a recent phone call from a lady in Oregon, requesting a quantity of RIGHT CHOICE Salvation papers. She is an 80-year-old “Granny Hitch­hiker.” At a stoplight she approaches a car and asks for a ride to the store, etc., and as they drive along, she witnesses. She stands on Proverbs 29:25: “The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe.” She has not had a bad experience in the ten years she has been doing this and doesn’t expect to have. God has surely protected her in her choice of cars to approach.

A brother who recently finished a soul winner class wrote for papers to distribute, that he might put the teachings right into practice, in hospitals, subways, on street corners, etc. A request for a carton of RIGHT CHOICE Salvation heralds came again from Hawaii, from one who regularly writes for them. We expect that many vacationers on the famous beaches there receive the gospel.

A letter from Greece asks extra Herald of His Coming papers for the Filipino domestic workers to whom they minister in Thessaloniki. A brother and wife who live in Europe while he serves with the United States Forces, ask extra copies to give to some of their friends. A member of a witnessing team in Sri Lanka asks copies of RIGHT CHOICE Salvation heralds to take along as they witness to the sick in the hospital. He writes, “Many are perishing without knowing Christ. It is our duty to preach the Gospel to them …” A brother in England wants many TRUTH FOR YOU to warn of the occult, as he witnesses widely in Devon.

On and on we could go with the precious opportunities God gives us to work with friends. One friend wrote: “So glad to be part of your team through prayer and giving.” A team is “a group of people working together in a coordinated effort,” according to Webster. That so well describes Herald of His Coming ministry. Some work regularly at headquarters, some give of their time as volunteer helpers, some give of their finances, some pray, some distribute copies of the papers—all of us working together in a coordinated effort to help spread the Word of Life at home and abroad. As the Holy Spirit serves as leader and coordinator, most blessed results come forth!

If you are not now part of the team, we invite you to join us. If you are already on the team, we warmly thank you for the part you are taking. As we put forth our best efforts, let us earnestly pray for God’s blessing and direction, that as much fruit as possible will come forth to the glory and praise of God.

Praise God!

Please Pray!

“Hear my prayer, O Lord, give ear to my supplications: in Thy faithfulness answer me, and in Thy righteousness” (Psa. 143:1).