January 1992 Issue
God’s Order For Happy Family Life
By Dr. H. C. Slade
The Wrecking Of Marriages Must Be Stopped By Prayer
By Elmer G. Klassen
Give Your Child A Heart For God
By Paul Lewis
Stumbling Little Ones
By Greg Hinnant
Apologize For Mistakes You May Have Made When Disciplining
By Harold S. Martin
Corporal Punishment – A “Hot Potato”
By David Jenkins, New Directions Bible Reading Notes
What A Mother Can Claim From God
By Mrs. A. W. Kortkamp
Protection And Deliverance Through The Blood
By William B. Young
The Family Altar Is Commanded And Commended In Scripture
By Norman V. Williams
Praying With Your Children
By "Mom" Buttram, The Gospel Tract Harvester
Items For Praise and Prayer
By Lois J. Stucky
Holiness – What Is It?
By Samuel Brengle
Pray On – Press On – For Revival!
By W. C. Moore
Persistent, Prevailing Prayer Needed
By George T. B. Davis
Fasting With Prayer
Herald International
News And Prayer Briefs
New Research: 50% Of Crime Influenced By TV
National Coalition on TV Violence
God, Save Our Youth!
By Joseph Clark
Self-Discipline – Vital In An Hour Of Self-Indulgence
By H. R. Crowles