June 1991 Issue
1/Bearing Fruit
---David Wilkerson
1/Worship The Lord In The Beauty Of Holiness
---G. Campbell Morgan
2/United Prayer Always Precedes Revival
---Elmer Klassen
2/Christ – Not Creed – The Rallying Call
---W.C. Moore
3/A Secret Of Abiding – Keeping Christ’s Commandments
---Andrew Murray
---William Hoy
4/Eight Watches
---Western Messenger
4/It Takes Time
---Andrew Murray
4/Price Of Discipleship
---R.G. Flexon
5/Believers Or Disciples?
---Philip Teng
5/The Pathway Of Discipleship
---Rev. Stanley Banks
5/Basking In Infinite Love
---Grantley Morris
6/Use And Abuse Of The Tongue
---Derek Prince
7/Beware Becoming A Faultfinder
---E.E. Wordsworth
8/Items For Prayer And Praise
---Lois J. Stucky
9/Uniting To Seek God For Revival
---A.W. Tozer
9/New England’s Quiet Awakening
---J. Lee Grady
10/Herald International
11/News And Prayer Briefs
12/The Merciful Obtain Mercy
---Greg Hinant