January 1991 Issue
1/Unction In The Pulpit! Action In The Pew!
---Leonard Ravenhill
2/Learn From The Master And Do Likewise!
---Elmer Klassen
2/The Zero Hour
---W.C. Moore
---W.C. Moore
3/Consider Your Ways!
---Sarah Foulkes Moore
4/Are We Overcoming Or Covering Over?
4/Guarding The First Love
---E.S. Gerig
5/Squaring The Life With The Bible
---D. M. Panton
5/Godís Call To Repentance
---Oswald J. Smith
6/The Promises Wait To Be Possessed!
---Charles S. Price
6/Pentecost Is Godís Pattern
6/The Spirit Outpoured On Every Continent
---Eva Stuart Watt
7/O God, Invade Earth With Flood Tides Of Blessing!
---R. D. Kilbour
8/Items For Prayer And Praise
---Lois J. Stucky
9/God Works When Men Pray
9/Attempt Great Things For God; Expect Great Things From Him
---Godís Revivalist
10/Herald International
11/News And Prayer Briefs
11/A Spiritual Awakening Ė The Answer To World Evangelization
---Fred D. Jarvis
12/God Reckons Not As Man
12/Setting Christians Free
---Elmer Klassen