February 1991 Issue
1/Christian, Unsheathe Your Sword!
   You Were Born To Fight The Good Fight Of Faith!
---Jean Wilhelmsen
1/Christ, The Mighty Conqueror
---Christmas Evans
1/Soldiers Of Christ, Arise!
---Charles Wesley
1/We Are Called Into A Holy War
---C.H. Usher
2/Jesus As Schoolteacher
---Elmer Klassen
2/Undo The Devil’s Work
---W.C. Moore
2/Victory Through Resisting
---The Overcomer
3/The Protective Armor Of The Christian
---Derek Prince
4/Soldiers As Well As Sons
---F.J. Perryman
4/Helps In Warfare
---Charles Usher
4/Calvary – The Basis Of Resistance
---F.J. Perryman
5/Standing On The Ground Of Christ’s Victory
---Watchman Nee
6/The God Of Elijah Lives!
---Watchman Nee
8/Items For Prayer And Praise
---Lois J. Stucky
9/Value Of Fasting
---D.S. Spurgeon
9/Strong In The Battle Through Prayer And Fasting
---Charles H. Usher
9/Revival – The Great Need Of Today
---Andrew Murray
10/Herald International
11/News And Prayer Briefs
12/Victory…The Hard Way
---Greg Hinant
12/A Continual Ascending Flame
12/Rejoice Evermore
---A.B. Simpson
12/Never Alone
---F.B. Meyer
12/The Bitter Cup
---Dr. Charles Parkhurst