August 1991 Issue
1/Godís Judgments On Sin Are Certain
---Dale Crowley
1/Proclaim The Gospel Urgently!
---Voice of Revival
1/Avoid At Any Cost!
---Don Kenyon
2/No One Who Is Born Of God Will Continue To Sin
---Elmer Klassen
3/The Day The Fire Fell
---Kenneth D. Barney
3/Deliverance Through The Blood
---Andrew Murray
5/The Religion Of Alcoholics Anonymous
---Martin And Deidre Bobgan
6/Godís Judgment In The Here And Now
---Derek Prince
8/Items For Prayer And Praise
---Lois J. Stucky
9/Revival Ė To Sweep Our Nation Out Of Its Present Moral Crisis
---Sarah Foulkes Moore
10/Herald International
11/News And Prayer Briefs
12/That You Die Not
---Greg Hinant