October 1990 Issue
1/Stir The Slumbering Saints!
---W.C. Moore
1/Is Revival Really Possible?
---E.L. Langston
1/It Is Too Late – For Half Measures!
---Vance Havner
2/More About “Christian Psychology”
---Elmer Klassen
2/We Need The Fire!
---Wilfred Moutoux
3/Be A Hearing Overcomer
---The Gospel Truth
5/The Little Foxes
---C. Nuzum
5/Kept From Stumbling
---A.B. Simpson
5/Undefiled Thoughts
---Helen B. Brink
5/Get All God Will Bestow
---F.B. Meyer
6/The Christian’s Unknown God
---Dr. Walter L. Wilson
8/Items For Prayer And Praise
---Lois J. Stucky
9/Who Will Be Part Of Today’s Praying Remnant?
---M. Winterburn
10/Herald International
11/News And Prayer Briefs
12/Made Strong Through Adversity
---Greg Hinant
12/A Tried People
---The Apostolic Faith Church