February 1990 Issue
1/God’s Warning To The World
---Harold Sevener
1/We Cannot Save: We Can Warn
2/The Herald-Friend
---Elmer Klassen
2/Do We Want A Revival?
---W.C. Moore
2/Power To Stand In The Gap
---Harry Lacey
2/Stewardship’s Responsibility
---Oswald J. Smith
---Armin Gesswein
4/Heart Cry Of A Burdened Pastor
---Robert Murray MCheyne
4/How They Prayed
5/Revival Must Begin With Us Christians
---Allister W. Smith
5/Be Zealous, Therefore, And Repent!
---Leonard Ravenhill
6/God Is Seeking For Intercessors
---Gordon Cove
8/No Cost Too Dear
---Paul Gounelle
---James A. Stewart
9/Items For Prayer And Praise
---Lois J. Stucky
10/Herald International
11/News And Prayer Briefs
11/Commitment To Christ And His Commission
---Fred D. Jarvis
12/I Will Trust In God
---William Cawman
12/Feed Your Faith On The Promises Of God
---F.B. Meyer