January 1983 Issue
1/Sharing The Conquest Of Calvary
---Sarah Foulkes Moore
1/The Church Militant
---Jessie Penn-Lewis
2/At The Threshold Of A New Year
---S.P. Selvam
2/People – How Have You Spent The Last Twenty-Four Hours?
---W.C. Moore
2/Suggested New Year’s Resolve
2/Not Slothful
---Our Hope and Christian Victory
2/A Slave
---Leonard Ravenhill
2/The Spirit-Filled Life
---F. Noel Palmer
3/Christ Hath Made Us Free
---The Overcomer
4/Faith – Attitude Or Act?
---R. Arthur Mathews
5/Binding And Loosing
---K. Neill Foster
6/Destined For The Cross
---Paul E. Billheimer
8/Victory In Personal Disappointment
---A.B. Simpson
8/Victory For Those Under Pressure
---Dr. J. Sidlow Baxter
9/Items For Prayer And Praise
---Lois J. Stucky
10/Herald International
11/Winning God’s Way
---The World Wide Missionary Crusader
12/Hold Fast That Which Thou Hast
---C. Nuzum